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Red Solar Energy Joint Stock Company

Công ty Cổ phần Năng lượng Mặt trời Đỏ - Red Sun Joint Stock Company was established in 2007, is Vietnam's first solar panel factory, with the support of local investors, the Vietnamese government, the French government, Sunwatt Group, some Research experts in France, Russia, Thailand and China. The company was established with 2 main shareholders:

  • Ho Chi Minh City Energy Saving Center (ECC) - under the Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2008, the company officially started construction and put into operation the first solar panel factory in Vietnam from monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic cells imported directly from the Republic of the Union. In Germany and Taiwan, the factory is located in  Duc Hoa Ha industrial park, Long An province with a capacity of  120 MWp/year. Production technology and machinery and equipment are imported directly from France, Germany, Taiwan and China. The main products of the factory are solar panels with capacity from 3Wp to 350Wp, with an efficiency of more than 16%, a power guarantee of 25 years and an average life of 25 years, product quality according to European standards.

Up to now, after being expanded and upgraded, the production capacity of the plant has been increased with a capacity of 75MWp/year. Currently, the factory is still constantly developing, expanding and increasing capacity.

With the mission of bringing  solutions for clean, environmentally friendly energy sources, thereby improving the quality of life of individuals, organizations and businesses. Redsun is constantly researching and expanding cooperation with domestic and foreign experts, organizations, and businesses to bring the most effective products, services and solutions to serve society and the world. human life. Redsun specializes in designing, constructing, manufacturing and assembling new and energy-saving products such as solar water heater systems, energy-saving light bulbs and energy-saving devices… With the orientation to spend  40% for domestic market demand and 60% exported to countries in Europe and America, products are exported to countries in the region and the world: USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, Taiwan, Hong Kong , Japan, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia.

The reality of climate change over the past few years has raised alarm bells about the environment on earth, including ours in Vietnam. The effects of climate change can be the cause of many natural disasters that are warned by many scientists around the world. As an enterprise operating in the energy sector, having the first solar panel factory in Vietnam, Red Sun realizes its role, duty and responsibility in caring, not stop research and development to fulfill its mission and bring clean, renewable energy to life. Red Sun constantly invests and researches to find solutions, products and services of quality, efficiency, intelligence and in accordance with the development trend of society.

Red Sun brings grid-connected solar power solution to Households, organizations, businesses and factories to save electricity and reduce pressure on the national grid, especially for households, we bring to  Red Boy solution – Solar power solution connected to the rooftop grid for households with a capacity of 3KW, 5KW and 10KW trusted by many households.

Boasting  more than 10 years of experience, with many works and projects across the country and exporting products to more than 10 countries in the region and around the world. Redsun is committed to bringing professional, quality products and services, effective solutions and unwavering belief in each service that Red Sun provides. Thereby, we hope that our customers and partners will accompany Redsun in building a green, clean, civilized and modern living environment, contributing to affirm the Vietnamese brand in the international arena.

ISO9001:2008 Certificate Registration No.: TUV100 12 1723
TUV IEC61215 IEC61730 Certificate Registration No.: Z2 11 06 73017 002

Board of Management

Chief Executive Officer:  Mr. Diep Bao Canh, Benny
Sales Manager: Mr. Mai Thanh Hai
Plant Manager: Mr. Diep Bao Hung
Production Manager:  Mr. Nguyen Van Ngoc
Quality Assurance Manager: Mr. Nguyen Quoc Chinh
Purchasing Manager: Mr. Daniel Dai


Company History

July 2014: New production plant in operation



Oct 2011:  Official sponsor of Vietnam Solar Car 2011
Jun 2011:  Certification of IEC61215 and IEC61730 granted by TUV SUD Germany
29 Apr 2009: Opening Ceremony of Redsun Energy Long An Factory


 27 Apr 2009:  Memorandum of Cooperation between Redsun Energy and Schott Solar AG signed
Mar 2008:  Ground-Breaking Ceremony of Redsun Energy Factory in Long An Province

Oct 2007:  Redsun Energy JSC formally established
May 2007:  France Sunwatt Group provided consultancy and feasibility study for Redsun
Oct 2006:  The major shareholders of Redsun (New Era Technology Co. Ltd., and Energy Conservation Center of Hochiminh City) decided to set up a company to promote the use of renewable energy in Vietnam